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Attract the love you truly desire

An 8 week transformative experience to attract the kind of high quality men you truly desire to be with


Find the kind of love you truly desire and deserve


I know the dating world can be incredibly frustrating. So many women have almost given up the hope that epic love is even possible. I feel your pain and am here to help you get crystal clarity on what is holding you back and guide you to become your most powerful and authentic self and find lasting love that you have always wanted

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Tell me.. do you want to:

Truly find love with a partner who adores you, who you can trust, feel safe around and who wants to commit?

Find your power? Embody your most powerful self?

Be your fully expressed authentic self?

Connect to your pleasure and femininity?

Thrive in love?

But.. can you relate to this?

    • Are you tired and frustrated in the dating world because it seems so difficult to meet a high quality men who treats you well and who wants to build a meaningful connection?



    • Are you not able to find the kind of love you TRULY want with the kind of men you want to be with?



    • Do you want to release any fears, doubts and insecurities around intimacy and love but don’t know how?



    • Have you been disappointed and hurt in the past by men and find it hard to open up because you are afraid to be hurt?



    • Do you desire to feel empowered in your dating life but find it challenging to communicate your needs and set boundaries?



  • Deep down are you worried that you will never find love and will be forever single?





What to expect….?


Week 1: Self Love

– Healing the heart
– Connecting to a real embodied sense of self worth
– Finding a new feeling of self love
– Learn how to open to real intimacy and feel safe


Week 2: Inner thriving

– Creating a foundation of inner safety and support
– Finding the connection with your inner mother and father
– Connecting to your own inner masculine and feminine
– Healing the inner child


Week 3: Releasing

– Releasing trauma and blockages from the body
– Disconnect from unhealthy attachments with previous lovers
– Restoring aliveness and connection to the body
– Transforming old conditioning and limiting patterns
– Understanding and releasing self sabotage


Week 4: Empowerment

– Unlock your sovereignty and inner power
– Restoring your ability to set boundaries
– Owning your true yes and no
– Empower yourself to speak your truth
– Healing the inner victim and perpetrator cycle


Week 5: Integration Week


Week 6: Pleasure

– Learn to truly love your body and overcome insecurities
– Healing shame and judgement around your sexuality
– Heal and release sexual trauma and limiting conditioning
– Learn to surrender into deeper intimacy and ecstatic pleasure


Week 7: Magnetism

– Learn how to tap into magnetism and radiance
– How to become magnetic to your dream partner
– Learning sex magic to call in love in your life
– How to use your pleasure to unleash your higher self
– Master the art of flirting while not feeling shy and awkward


Week 8: Blossoming

– Personalized for you
– Focused on your specific needs and desires




How does it work?


Your experience will be broken down into 8 one on one coaching sessions of 1 hour. We will meet on Skype or Zoom every week. In between sessions you will receive videos, guided audio meditations and other kinds of practices to embody and integrate everything that you have learned and uncovered during the coaching session.

You are safe. You are loved. You belong. And you are SO supported.

I would love to guide you on this journey.

If you are curious to hear more and want to connect in a safe and judgement free space then contact me for a free discovery session. I’d love to chat with you.


Q & A

Q: When working on pleasure does that mean there will be nudity or weird stuff involved?
Nope! We will always have clothes on sessions. We will be talking about intimate parts but there is no need to show anything on camera. Your custom homeplay will probably have self pleasuring involved but this is all in your private time.
What is a jade egg?
A jade egg is a crystal egg used in different kinds practices to help women to connect to her own body while developing sensitivity and awareness. It will help you feel more feminine, more sexy, more connected and more alive. It is a very effective tool to heal any numbness, disconnection and judgment around our own sexuality and transform that into a beautiful celebration and acceptance of our bodies. .
Q: Can I book a single session?
I currently only offer coaching packages. This is a deep process and it is very beneficial to create a container where true, deep change can happen. I am happy to offer you a free session to see if we are a right fit and where we can get clear on your desires.
Q: I feel so nervous about doing this. Does that mean I shouldn’t do it?
Fear is a totally natural response when we step into a transformational process like this. This is because this is an unknown experience and as a woman, you’ve probably been taught to fear your sexuality, your power and your freedom, and this program will unlock all of these. If you feel nervous and afraid, that’s an sign that there’s a lot of potential for you in this program. You will have a chance to recognize these fears in a safe and supported space, gently release them, and experience more freedom and pleasure instead.
Q: Is everything we discuss kept confidential?
Absolutely. I will never share your information with anyone else and do not store any of your information unnecessarily. Our sessions will always be in private non shared spaced.
Q: Do you offer in person coaching?
Absolutely. Yes I do! If we are in the same part of the world I would be very happy to meet with you in person. Just send me a message to ask me where I currently am.
Q: Does the time have to be 8 weeks or can I take longer to go though this experience?
The 8 week program is a framework and can be completely customized to the support and the time you need. We can spread the sessions out over a longer time period if you would benefit from more time to integrate and process in between sessions.
Q: Why is this program different then what I have tried before?
We will work with the deepest layers of your brain, which is where our unconscious blocks and belief systems are stored. We will rewire your nervous system through tantric and taoism practices combines with the latest neuroscience. We will also use body based practices and breathwork to release blockages and activate your natural essence of aliveness and pleasure.
Q: What methods do you use?
I like to combine different methods that suits the individual desires for each client. During the 1:1 coaching sessions and for creating personalized home play I integrate ancient Tantric and Taoist practices, breath work, jade egg practices, body de-armoring, personalized conscious self pleasure practice, self love practices, inner child work, shadow work and emotional release exercises.

What’s included when you sign up?


• 8 x 1:1 coaching sessions – 60 minutes each


• Weekly videos and guided audio meditations and exercises


• Weekly session recaps and home play exercises in between sessions


• Personalized study recommendations


• Personalized accountability to keep you motivated to take action





• Nephrite Jade Egg


• Unlimited email support in between sessions


• Guided audio meditation package


• Bonus welcome package


What happens after I apply?


• Clock on the apply now button


• You’ll be taken to my application form


• Fill out the application form and click send


• Personalized study recommendations


• I’ll contact you within 48 business hour via email (Mon-Fri) to schedule a free discovery session to see if we make a good fit to work and play together