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"It was clear that I was self sabotaging and I was stuck in old patterns but I didn’t know how to get out of it. I felt like Sophie knew exactly what was going on and she had the solutions to help me release what was holding me back. I now feel like I have the ability and the power to create what I want without being stuck in a cycle of attracting losers"

- April, Nashville, TN 
“Before working with Sophie I felt stuck and didn’t know how to get out of it. I was attracting emotionally unavailable men and I I was struggling with loving myself. I didn’t know what to do and Sophie showed me the tools to take my power. I am now dating the most incredible men and actually feel so confident in myself, what a difference with how I used to be” 

- Marion, Portland, OR
“I was struggling with the idea of dating after being hurt and unable to open my heart to anyone. I now feel so differently about life and love. Sophie’s warmth, understanding and caring approach helped me to heal the past and to truly be open for love.” 

- Annalise, New York City, NY 
“Any women looking to improve her self love and go deeper into her sexual healing would be lucky to work with her. You are worth it! Don’t be afraid to say yes to yourself. There’s nothing more important then love.” 

- Eileen, Oakland, CA 
"Sophie creates such a safe and supported space where I feel like I am talking to my best friend. I was so used to not expressing myself and always put others needs in front of my own and I was having trouble setting boundaries and speaking up for myself. I felt like I gained my power back. If you are unsure about working with Sophie I would say: go for it. It was scary but I am so happy I took a leap of faith."

- Stephanie, Irvington, NY
"If I would feel comfortable talking about these things with anyone it would be with Sophie. She gave me the tools to release trauma from my body and fully supported me through the process with so much care. I never would have thought that I would feel the level of love, connection and pleasure in my body as I do now."

- Andrea, Berkeley, CA
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